About Our Athletic Apparel Brand


 Our Vision

Our vision is pretty simple. Help others use their life struggle to motivate them to better themselves. We want this brand to help people get on track in all aspects of life. Life can be crazy, but that's everyone. So what are you gonna do about it ? 


The Mission

MVL was created by using hard situations and feelings from our past (loss, shame, inadequacy, guilt, feeling less than, inequality, and struggle) to drive motivation to be better because of it and find common ground with everyone we encounter.  It made us turn our dreams into a reality. We created a brand that has high quality products made with attention detail. We wanted a product that was simple with a clean aesthetic but also tells a story. Everyone has their story. We want you to learn to turn those feelings from the past into fuel. MVL wants to grow as you grow. We are here every step  of your process.

Creative Process

We never imagined years ago, when this idea was floating in our heads, that the creative process would be remarkably fulfilling. We intentionally held off using influencers to market our brand while many of our colleagues went this route. We wanted to engage people in each city we visited, to have an exchange of energy with them and hear their stories of where they came from and how their path “coincidentally” crossed with us that day. These real-life individuals became our models on the website. They became our drive. Their stories, their struggles, their excitement to be part of something provided us way more than we were able to give them. In our effort to create something for ourselves, we received more than we ever anticipated – YOUR SPIRIT and YOUR CRAZY LIFE STORIES. …. And we are so much better for that.